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Hellyeah - Discography - Lossless
Heavy metal metal supergroup Hellyeah featured members of Mudvayne, Nothingface, and Pantera/Damageplan. Formed by Mudvayne lead singer Chad Gray and Nothingface bassist Tom Maxwell amidst the 2001 metal package tour Tattoo the Earth, Hellyeah were completed upon the arrival of former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, marking Paul's first band since the murder of his brother and former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell (the two had formed Damageplan after the demise of Pantera). In a slight departure from the members' respective bands, Hellyeah played old-school good-times thrash and power metal that recalled the music of their youth, with just a touch of the Southern rebel yell thrown in for good measure. Sadly, Paul died in 2018, but his parts were used for 2019's Welcome Home.

Hellyeah formed in 2006 in Dallas, Texas around the talents of Mudvayne's Chad Gray (vocals) and Greg Tribbett (guitar), Nothingface's Tom Maxwell (guitar), and Jerry Montano (bass) -- the latter also played with Danzig -- and Pantera/Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul. The group's self-titled debut was released in April 2007 on Epic Records. Shortly after the album was released, Montano left the band and was replaced by Damageplan bassist Bob Zilla. With a new bassist in place, Hellyeah began to work on new material, and in 2010 released their sophomore album, Stampede. Released in 2012, the Eleven Seven Music-issued Band of Brothers found success on the strength of the singles "War in Me" and the propulsive title cut, and 2014's Blood for Blood saw the band part ways with Tribett and Zilla, the latter of whom was replaced by Bloodsimple bass player Kyle Sanders. In 2016, the band issued its fifth studio long-player, the brooding and savage Unden!able, which included a blistering cover of Phil Collins' "I Don't Care Anymore" that featured guitar parts from late Pantera shredder Dimebag Darrell. The album peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 200. Sadly, drummer Paul died in Las Vegas in June 2018 while Hellyeah were recording a new album there. He was 54 years old. Released in September 2019, the completed album, Welcome Home, was the last to feature Paul on drums. Hellyeah subsequently announced Stone Sour sticksman, Roy Mayorga, as his touring replacement.

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