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Black Sun Aeon - Discography - Lossless
In 2008 Tuomas Saukkonen started the solo project "Black Sun Aeon". Saukkonen recorded all the instruments for Darkness Walks Beside Me and Routa himself in the studio . For the singing he got support from some guest musicians, namely Tomi Koivusaari ( Amorphis ), Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow , Janica Lönn from Lunar Path , Mynni Luukkainen from Sotajumala and Mikko Heikkilä from Sinamore . The latter two are also active as singers and guitarists at the live performances. Saukkonen himself sits on the drums, taking over the vocals on some of the songs.

The first album, Darkness Walks Beside Me , was released on March 27, 2009 in Scandinavia , and a week later in the rest of Europe. It was largely recorded with the support of Juho Räihä in the Soundspiral and One Man Army studios. The mastering was done by Mika Jussila from Finnvox . Each song on the album had a name that began with "A Song for ...".

The music on Darkness Walks Beside Me is mostly slow, dark and melancholy. During the nine songs, the genre is changed several times, which makes it difficult to assign to one. Critics mostly describe the style as Dark or Doom Metal , but sometimes also as Death or Melodic Death Metal. Saukkonen describes it as going more towards Black Metal and Doom Metal. The texts are a kind of diary.

On March 31, 2010, the second album Routa was released in Scandinavia, one day later in the rest of Europe. Like its predecessor, the record was already recorded and edited in the One Man Army and Soundspiral. The lyrics were all written exclusively by Tuomas Saukkonen, except for the song Core of Winter , which was written by Sami Lopakka ( KYPCK ), and the song Wanderer , which was written by Ville Sorvali. Saukkonen divided the album into two parts: one CD is called Talviaamu (winter morning), the other is called Talviyö (winter night). On Talviaamu you can find more melancholy, calm pieces, on Talviyöheavier, more brutal songs with some black metal influences. Criticism of the album falls very positive because Saukkonen musically not withdrawn from his style.

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