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Savatage - The Ultimate Boxset (2014)
Artist: Savatage
Title Of Album: The Ultimate Boxset
Label: e-a-r music (0209166ERE)
Release Date: 2014
Location: USA
Genre: Heavy / Power / Progressive Metal
Quality: FLAC | lossless (image +.cue+covers)
Length: 14:56:46 min
Tracks: 14 CD
Total Size: 7.27 Gb (+3%)
WebSite: Home Page

Savatage — американская рок-группа, один из пионеров хеви-метала в США. Основана братьями Jon Oliva и Criss Oliva в 1978 году.

01 - The Wake of Magellan (1997)

01.The ocean
03.Turns to me
04.Morning sun
05.Another way
06.Blackjack guillotine
07.Paragons of innocence
08.Complaint in the system (Veronica Guerin)
10.The wake of Magellan
12.The storm
13.The hourglass
14.Desirée (Acoustic Version)
15.Stay (Acoustic Version)

02 - Edge of Thorns (1993)

01.Edge of thorns
02.He carves his stone
03.Lights out
04.Skraggy's tomb
06.Follow me
07.Exit music
08.Degrees of sanity
09.Conversation piece
10.All that I bleed
12.Miles away
14.All that I bleed (Acoustic Version)
15.If I go away (Acoustic Version)

03 - Sirens - Dungeons Are Calling (1994)

03.I believe
05.On the run
06.Twisted little sister
07.Living for the night
08.Scream murder
09.Out of the streets
10.The dungeons are calling
11.By the grace of the witch
13.Midas knight
14.City beneath the surface
15.The whip
16.In the dream (Acoustic Version)

04 - Streets - A Rock Opera (1991)

02.Jesus saves
03.Tonight he grins again
04.Strange reality
05.A little too far
06.You're alive
07.Sammy and Tex
08.St. Patricks
09.Can you hear me now
10.New York City don't mean nothing
11.Ghost in the ruins
12.If I go away
13.Agony and ecstasy
14.Heal my soul
15.Somewhere in time
17.This isn't what we meant (Acoustic Version)
18.Morning sun (Acoustic Version)

05 - Power of the Night (1985)

01.Power of the night
05.Washed out
06.Hard for love
07.Fountain of youth
08.Skull session
09.Stuck on you
10.In the dream
11.City beneath the surface (Live)
12.Hounds (Live)

06 - Gutter Ballet (1989)

01.Of rage and war
02.Gutter ballet
03.Temptation revelation (Instrumental)
04.When the crowds are gone
05.Silk and steel (Instrumental)
06.She's in love
08.The unholy
09.Mentally yours
10.Summer's rain
11.Thorazine shuffle
12.Alone you breathe (Acoustic Version)
13.Handful of rain (Acoustic Version)

07 - Dead Winter Dead (1995)

03.This is the time (1990)
04.I am
06.Doesn't matter anyway
07.This isn't what we meant
08.Mozart and madness
09.Memory (Dead winter dead intro)
10.Dead winter dead
11.One child
12.Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
13.Not what you see
14.Miles away / Follow me (Acoustic Version)
15.When the crowds are gone (Acoustic Version)

08 - Fight for the Rock (1986)

01.Fight for the rock
02.Out on the streets
03.Crying for love
04.Day after day
05.The edge of midnight
07.Lady in disguise
08.She's only rock'n roll
09.Wishing well
10.Red light paradise
11.This is the time (Acoustic Version)
12.This is where you should be

09 - Hall of the Mountain King (1987)

01.24 Hrs. Ago
02.Beyond the doors
04.Strange wings
05.Prelude to madness
06.Hall of the mountain king
07.The price you pay
08.White witch
09.Last dawn
11.Castles burning (Acoustic Version)
12.Somewhere in the time / Alone you breathe (Acoustic Version)

10 - Japan Live '94 (1995)

01.Taunting cobras
02.Edge of thorns
04.Nothin' going on
05.He carves his stone
06.Jesus saves
07.Watching you fall
08.Castles burning
09.All that I bleed
10.Handful of rain
12.Gutter ballet
14.Hall of the mountain king

11 - Handful of Rain (1994)

01.Taunting cobras
02.Handful of rain
04.Stare into the sun
05.Castles burning
06.Visions (Instrumental)
07.Watching you fall
08.Nothing's going on
10.Alone you breathe
11.Summer's rain (Acoustic Version)
12.Believe (Acoustic Version)

12 - Ghost in the Ruins - A Tribute to Criss Oliva (1995)

01.City beneath the surface
02.24 hours ago
04.Strange wings
05.Gutter ballet
06.When the crowds are gone
07.Of Rage And War
08.The dungeons are calling
11.Criss (Intro)
12.Hall of the mountain king
13.Post script
14.Devastation (Live at the Cleveland Agora, October 15, 1987)
15.Stare into the sun (Acoustic Version)

13 - Poets and Madmen (2001)

01.Stay with me awhile
02.There in the silence
04.I seek power
06.Morphine child
07.The rumor
08.Man in the mirror
11.Back to a reason
12.Tonight he grins again (Acoustic Version)
13.Sleep (Acoustic Version)

14 - Streets - A Rock Opera (Narated Version) (2013)

02.Narration to Jesus saves
03.Jesus saves
04.Narration to tonight he grins again
05.Tonight he grins again
06.Narration to strange reality
07.Strange reality
08.Narration to a little too far
09.A little too far
10.Narration to you're alive
11.You're alive
12.Narration to Sammy and Tex
13.Sammy and Tex
14.Narration to St. Patrick's
15.St. Patrick's Narration to can you hearm me now
16.Narration to can you hear me now
17.Can you hear me now
18.Narration to New York City don't mean nothing
19.New York City don't mean nothing
20.Narration to ghost in the ruins
21.Ghost in the ruins
22.Narration to if I go away
23.If I go away
24.Narration to agony and ecstasy
25.Agony and ecstasy
26.Narration to heal my soul
27.Heal my soul
28.Narration to somewhere in time
29.Somewhere in time
31.Larry Elbows (Previously Unreleased)

Релиз - Vknish

Circle II Circle (ex-Savatage) - Discography (2003-2015)

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