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Home page » 2021 » September » 5 » Helge Tallqvist & Groovy Eyes - Plays George 'Harmonica' Smith feat. Pepe Ahlqvist (2005)
Helge Tallqvist & Groovy Eyes - Plays George 'Harmonica' Smith feat. Pepe Ahlqvist (2005)
Artist: Helge Tallqvist & Groovy Eyes
Title Of Album: Plays George 'Harmonica' Smith feat. Pepe Ahlqvist
Release Date: 2005
Location: Finland
Label: Q-Records QCD 1004
Genre: Modern Electric Blues/ Harmonica Blues
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue, log), EAC Burst, scans
Length: 51:57 min
Tracks: 14
Total Size: 342 Mb (+3%)
WebSite: Home Page

Helge Tallqvist - потрясающий финский блюзмен, мастер хроматической гармошки. В его игре много энергии, вкуса, хорошее взаимодействие с группой. Это CD-издание необычное, диск поставляется в жестяной коробке с буклетом на 24 страницах (на английском языке), это своего рода "inside story" о George 'Harmonica' Smith, с большим количеством фотографий.

Helge Tallqvist is a terrific amplified harp player and a master of the chromatic harmonica. Really fine blowin', that shows a real feel for the tradition of the 50's, in addition to, good attention to tone, phrasing and attack. There's plenty of energy, lots of taste, good interplay with the band and strong band performance throughout. "I knew George pretty well personally, as well as, musically and I do believe this CD would do him very proud" -Doug MacLeod. This CD comes in a tin box with a 24 page booklet (in English), that's kind of an "inside story" about George, with lot of pictures. Helge got totally fired up for the harp after visiting George in Los Angeles (1982)



01. Hawaiian Eye[03:13]
02. Traveling South[04:12]
03. Soul Feet[02:45]
04. Tight Dress[02:54]
05. Telephone Blues[04:32]
06. Blues In The Dark[03:02]
07. Good Things[03:19]
08. You Don't Love Me[03:07]
09. Loose Screws[02:39]
10. Nobody Knows[06:07]
11. I Want A Woman[02:52]
12. Misty In C[02:50]
13. Conversation with George Smith (bonus)[05:18]
14. Blues For The Reverend King (bonus)[05:00]


Helge Tallqvist - Harmonica
Jussi Raulamo - Guitar & Vocals
Sidekick Johnny - Guitar
Ville Rauhala - Bass
Juppo Paavola - Drums
Pepe Ahlqvist - Harp & Vocals

Password: ZuFal


Thanks Deuce

Category: Blues | Blues-Rock | Views: 498 | Author: ZuFal | Tags: Pepe Ahlqvist, Helge Tallqvist, Harmonica, Blues
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