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Red Young - The Organizer (2003)Artist: Red Young
Title Of Album: The Organizer
Release Date: 2003
Location: USA
Label: Blues Leaf (BL 9821)
Genre: Blues, Jazz
Quality: FLAC | lossless (image+.cue+covers)
Length: 58:50 min
Tracks: 12
Total Size: 372 MB (+5%)
Category: Blues | Blues-Rock | Views: 951 | Author: MorPeh | Date: 29.11.2016 | Comments (0)

Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself (2005)Artist: Imogen Heap
Title Of Album: Speak for Yourself
Release Date: 2005
Location: England
Label: RCA Victor
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Electronica
Quality: FLAC | lossless (tracks+.cue+covers)
Length: 49:38 min
Tracks: 12
Total Size: 318 MB (+5%)
WebSite: Home Page, MySpace

Speak for Yourself is the second solo album by British singer Imogen Heap, following her collaborative effort with Guy Sigsworth as Frou Frou. The album was released in the United States in 2005. It was written, produced, arranged, and funded by Heap, without the backing of a record label, and features guest appearances from Jeff Beck, who does a guitar solo on "Goodnight and Go", and Heap's ex-boyfriend, Richie Mills, who argues with her on "The Moment I Said It".
Category: Alternative | Punk | Views: 1190 | Author: MorPeh | Date: 29.11.2016 | Comments (0)

Charlie Daniels - Renegade (Japan Edition) (1991)Artist: Charlie Daniels
Title Of Album: Renegade (Japan Edition)
Release Date: 1991
Location: USA
Label: Epic / Sony (ESCA 5355)
Genre: Blues, Country, Southern Rock
Quality: FLAC | lossless (image+.cue+covers)
Length: 35:43 min
Tracks: 10
Total Size: 266 MB (+5%)
WebSite: MySpace, Home Page
Category: Country | Bluegrass | Views: 1156 | Author: MorPeh | Date: 29.11.2016 | Comments (0)

Camel - I Can See Your House From Here (Japan Edition) (2009)Artist: Camel
Title Of Album: I Can See Your House From Here (Japan Edition)
Release Date: 2009 (1979)
Location: United Kingdom
Label: Universal (UICY-94139)
Genre: Sympho Prog
Quality: FLAC | lossless (tracks+.cue+covers)
Length: 46:13 min
Tracks: 9
Total Size: 339 MB (+5%)
WebSite: Home Page

I Can See Your House From Here is the seventh studio album by English progressive rock band Camel. Released in 1979, a new line up was introduced with founding members Andrew Latimer (guitar) and Andy Ward (drums) joined by bassist Colin Bass (to replace Richard Sinclair) and keyboardists Jan Schelhaas (who joined in 1978 for the Breathless tour) and Kit Watkins (ex-Happy The Man) who replaced Dave Sinclair. At one point, the album was going to be called 'Endangered Species'.

Category: Progressive Rock | Views: 1982 | Author: MorPeh | Date: 29.11.2016 | Comments (0)

Big Pete - Choice Cuts (2011)Artist: ‘Big Pete’ Van Der Pluym
Title Of Album: Choice Cuts
Release Date: 2011
Location: USA
Label: Delta Groove Music (DGPCD149)
Genre: Blues
Quality: FLAC | lossless (tracks+.cue+covers)
Length: 55:30 min
Tracks: 13
Total Size: 401 MB (+5%)
Category: Blues | Blues-Rock | Views: 965 | Author: MorPeh | Date: 29.11.2016 | Comments (0)

John Coltrane - Live At The Village Vanguard (1962)Artist: John Coltrane
Title Of Album: Live At The Village Vanguard
Release Date: 1962 (2007)
Location: USA
Label: The Verve Music Group (0602517486256)
Genre: Modal Music, Avant-garde Jazz, Hard Bop
Quality: FLAC | lossless (tracks) + .cue + log
Length: 36:40 min
Tracks: 3
Total Size: 333 Mb (+3 %)
WebSite: Home Page
Category: Blues | Blues-Rock | Views: 960 | Author: CarboFoss | Date: 29.11.2016 | Comments (0)


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