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Home page » 2016 » March » 23 » 10CC - Discography [Japanese Edition, Remastered, SHM-CD] (1973-1992)
10CC - Discography [Japanese Edition, Remastered, SHM-CD] (1973-1992)
Artist: 10CC
Title Of Album: Discography [Japanese Edition, Remastered, SHM-CD]
Release Date: 2008-2010 (1973-1992)
Location: England
Label: Mercury / Imperial Records
Genre: Rock / Pop-Rock / Art-Rock / Glam Rock
Quality: FLAC | lossless (tracks+.cue+covers)
Length: n/a min
Tracks: 12 CD
Total Size: 5,17 Gb
WebSite: Home Page

10CC – яркий представитель течения в британском роке, получившем название глэм-рок. Умело аранжированные композиции не лишены некоторого влияния арт-рока, элементы которого стали занимать все больше места в музыке группы незадолго до ее распада. Команда была основана в 1970 году в английском городишке Манчестере. Называлась она тогда "Hotlegs", а в ее состав входили такие личности как певец и гитарист Грэм Гоулдмен (бывший участник "Mockingbirds" и автор многих хитов для "Yardbirds", "Hollies" и других исполнителей), еще один певец и гитарист Эрик Стюарт, а также вокалисты и мультиинструменталисты Кевин Годли и Лол Крем. Стюарт пригласил коллег в свою "Strawberry Studios", и они приступили к сессиям. Первый успех к музыкантам пришел с выходом сингла "Neanderthal Man". Вслед за этим последовала запись альбома "Thinks: School Times" и совместные гастроли с "Moody blues".

В релизе представлены добавленные бонусами японские SHM-CD переиздания 2008 и 2010 годов

1973 - 10cc [Imperial Records, TECI-23602]

1. Johnny, Don't Do It
2. Sand In My Face
3. Donna
4. The Dean And I
5. Headline Hustler
6. Speed Kills
7. Rubber Bullets
8. The Hospital Song
9. Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They?)
10. Fresh Air For My Mama

1974 - Sheet Music [Imperial Records, TECI-23603]

1. Wall Street Shuffle
2. Worst Band In The World
3. Hotel
4. Old Wild Men
5. Clockwork Creep
6. Silly Love
7. Somewhere In Hollywood
8. Baron Samedi
9. Sacroiliac
10. Oh Effendi

1975 - Original Soundtrack [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93814]

1. Une Nuit A Paris (Part 1) / The Same Night In Paris (Part 2) / Later The Same Night In Paris (Part 3)
2. I'm Not In Love
3. Blackmail
4. The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
5. Brand New Day
6. Flying Junk
7. Life Is A Minestrone
8. The Film Of My Love
Bonus tracks:
9. Life Is A Minestrone [single edit]
10. Channel Swimmer
11. I'm Not In Love [single edit]
12. Good News

1976 - How Dare You! [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93815]

1. How Dare You
2. Lazy Ways
3. I Wanna Rule the World
4. I'm Mandy, Fly Me
5. Iceberg
6. Art for Art's Sake
7. Rock 'N' Roll Lullaby
8. Head Room
9. Don't Hang Up

1977 - Deceptive Bends [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93816]

1. Good Morning Judge
2. Things We Do for Love
3. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
4. People in Love
5. Modern Man Blues
6. Honeymoon With B Troop
7. I Bought a Flat Guitar Tutor
8. You've Got a Cold
9. Feel the Benefit, Pt. 1-3
Bonus tracks:
10. Hot to Trot
11. Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
12. I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out

1977 - Live And Let Live [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93818/9]

CD 1:
1. Second Sitting for the Last Supper
2. You've Got a Cold
3. Honeymoon with B Troop
4. Art for Art's Sake
5. People in Love
6. Wall Street Shuffle
7. Ships Don't Disappear in the Night
8. I'm Mandy Fly Me
9. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous

CD 2:
1. Good Morning Judge
2. Feel the Benefit
3. Things We Do for Love
4. Warterfall
5. I'm Not in Love
6. Modern Man Blues

1978 - Bloody Tourists [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93817]

1. Dreadlock Holiday
2. For You and I
3. Take These Chains
4. Shock on the Tube (Don't Want Love)
5. Last Night
6. Anonymous Alcoholic
7. Reds in My Bed
8. Lifeline
9. Tokyo
10. Old Mister Time
11. From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
12. Everything You Wanted to Know About!!!
Bonus track:
13. Nothing Can Move Me

1980 - Look Hear [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93820]

1. One-Two-Five
2. Welcome to the World
3. How'm I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye
4. Don't Send We Back
5. I Took You Home
6. It Doesn't Matter at All
7. Dressed to Kill
8. Lover Anonymous
9. I Hate to Eat Alone
10. Strange Lover
11. L.A. Inflatable
Bonus tracks:
12. One-Two-Five [Edited Single Version]
13. Only Child

1981 - Ten Out Of 10 [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93821]

1. Don't Ask
2. Overdraft In Overdrive
3. Don't Turn Me Away
4. Memories
5. Notell Hotel
6. Les Nouveaux Riches
7. Action Man In A Motown Suit
8. Listen With Your Eyes
9. Lying Here With You
10. Survivor
Bonus tracks:
11. The Power Of Love
12. Memories (US Mix)
13. We've Heard It All Before
14. Tomorrow's World Today
15. Runaway
16. Les Nouveaux Riches (Single Mix)
17. You're Coming Home Again

1983 - Windows In The Jungle [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93822]

1. 24 Hours
2. Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma)
3. Yes I Am
4. Americana Panorama
5. City Lights
6. Food For Thought
7. Working Girls
8. Taxi Taxi
Bonus tracks:
9. 24 Hours (Radio Edit)
10. Dreadlock Holiday (Live)
11. I'm Not In Love (Live)
12. Feel The Love (Radio Edit)
13. She Gives Me Pain
14. Food For Thought (Radio Edit)
15. The Secret Life Of Henry

1992 - Meanwhile [Universal/Mercury, UICY-93823]

1. Woman in Love
2. Wonderland
3. Fill Her Up
4. Something Special
5. Welcome to Paradise
6. The Stars Didn't Show
7. Green Eyed Monster
8. Charity Begins at Home
9. Shine a Light in the Dark
10. Don't Break the Promises

Релиз - mgubarenko, goldenday

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